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         Our work flow is the meat N tators  of how we are completely different from any other Real Estate Professional Photography company.  Our work flow is not business to us, its personal.  We have been conducting daily business our way…one person, one home at a time.  Recently we've added HD Video Walk-Through Tours, Virtual Reality, and DJI Aerial Photography.

SCP Work Flow

           This is a description of SCP's daily work flow since 2000. Including our consistent approach to your clients.

Our photography begins by arriving about 5-10 minutes early and professionally dressed with an ID badge on. We make time to chat politely, but momentarily with your client.  Then begin the rapid movement of our beginning work flow with staging the home for professional photography.

Standard Staging Procedure:

  1. adjust ALL blinds in the entire home to exactly match 
  2. turn on EVERY single light in the entire home
  3. adjust pillows on couches
  4. move chairs at the kitchen table to approximately a 45 degree pitch around table
  5. move all unique items in kitchen with color to spread creative touch
  6. ensure all pictures on walls have even horizons
  7. turn each closet door with front edge open, towards shooting position
  8. move most trash cans and water hoses in street that we feel are a distraction

         Each photo shoot presents its own unique set of requirements for us to serve as your professional photographer.
After we feel that staging of the entire property is the best for our client, and represents you. We begin with the very respectful, yet quick still photography shots of the homes interior. This is immediately followed with the still shots of the exterior, including the garage, and attic if requested.

The next step in our work flow is departing the home in better shape than we found it. With all doors shut, lights off, blinds and chairs put back, all open gates are shut and locked, etc.

Finally, aerial photography is done with our 2017 DJI Mavic Pro Quadcopter. Our drone is strategically flown in the front, side, back, then over the home. This provides an aerial perspective of the home and its surrounding environment. If there are neighborhood amenities proximal to the residence those will be included in that same flight, captured as still photographs.

                   Most importantly, Yes we are FAA 107 Drone Commercially Pilot certified.

     All photography is edited, then uploaded and made available to you by 8 am next business day. 

In closing, your desire is to be the best real estate agent for your client. Is only matched with our desire to be the best real estate photographer for your client.

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