Great photography brings continuity, functionality, and beauty to a living or working space, whether it’s a 1000-square-foot loft or a rambling country estate. A typical project can include any or all of these services:

                               2017 Prices

1.   $ 85   HDR  Photographyup to 5000 sq.ft.

​      Begins with a few select Aerial Images of home, shot where safe/ legal.

2.   $ 85 Aerial Photography  (Shot where safe/ legal)

​      Includes up to 10 pictures of individual property.

                              NEW Item !     Created to fill a need 
3.  $ 140  HDR  Photography of Front , inside, and back of Home.  

     HD Video Tour of home begins with DJI OSMO in front yard videoing

     a pan shot of each room through out to backyard.  This videography is shot

     extremely precise, to show key amenities of residence, then set to music.​​

4.  $ 145 HD Video Walk-Through Production 

      Begins with Aerial Video flying into the front yard, continuing with video production

      through the home.  Ending with a fly away from the back yard. (Aerials shot when safe/ legal)
      This production includes royalty free music.  Delivered next business day.

5.   $ 95 Twilight Photography

      Up to 5000 sqft. home including front with back yard


6.   $ 15 Photography of Neighborhood Amenities

      Per location, uploading up to 2 captivating images per  

      location which may include aerial photography in the package price.

      $80 minimum order applies if SCP is hired to only shoot amenities.

7.  $ 15 HD slideshow of ALL photography taken, set to royalty free music

8.   $ 40 Virtual Staging

      One Image pre-selected by you. Is shot specifically to Virtually Stage 

         All images are Dropboxed to you, by next business day.   


Our core belief as professional real estate photographers is simple.  We are an extension of you, and your reputation...with a camera !   We represent you in how we dress, what we say, and how we say it.    We ensure all details are addressed with old fashioned care and respect. We capture the photographs that best represent your client's home and prepare it for it's debut on the market. 


Price sheet effective as of  10.1.17

All items in RED are an immediate price reduction in an effort to assist Real Estate agents to resume needed profitability.  In addition to each item shot in RED.  SCP is donating $ 5 to the Red Cross

2017  Keller Williams Young     Professional Photographer

2017 Keller Williams Red Day Professional Photographer 

2017 FAA 107 Drone Commercial License 




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​Hire SCP to shoot one home.

If you don't like the photographs the first time.  We will pay for another company of your choosing to re-shoot your home.